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We help you focus on the work that matters so you can achieve your goals.

Clear Goals

Set daily goals to focus and prioritize your day, moving you closer to your goals.

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Don't Be Overwhelmed

It's easy to become overwhelmed with an ever growing to-do list. Focusing one day at a time can help remove this risk.

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Track Progress

We all get asked what we've been up, with Focus it's easy to share progress when you can get an overwiew of your week and months.

About Focus

We're bringing the best parts of OKRs and simple task tracking.

Focus is still in early stage of development but if you are looking for a way to track your day-to-day work, Focus can help you now and we will be working to add quarterly tracking soon.

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A simple day-to-day view to set your priorities and add notes

Get an easy overview of your tasks for the week

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